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1. Government intelligence agents, see G-men.

2. Anyone involved in espionage.
1. Careful on this phone line, there could be spooks listening in.

2. I heard this place was crawling with spooks, some kind of weapon of mass destruction is being sold or something.
by Alan May 09, 2004
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A derrogatory slur for a person of African descent. i.e: Nigger
Dem spooks like to play bones and shoot dice.
by MistahTom July 26, 2005
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An idea with no true backing in reality, as popularized by the philosopher Max Stirner.
P. Frenchie Proudhon: The right to property is a spook!
by T. Pseud December 15, 2016
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when the skeletons start to move around in october and start dooting you with their trumpets and spooking you till you get so spook that the skeleton in you start to doot too.
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by Spoopy Chicken October 03, 2018
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