1. Government intelligence agents, see G-men.

2. Anyone involved in espionage.
1. Careful on this phone line, there could be spooks listening in.

2. I heard this place was crawling with spooks, some kind of weapon of mass destruction is being sold or something.
by Alan May 9, 2004
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a tv programme.
a crap version of 24 in the uk.
well its not that bad its just that they dont have as much money to make it.
i am going to watch spooks tonight!
by .................. June 10, 2006
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glorified goth - can be noted wearing all black listening to garve like himsa and give up the ghost, fav film is always nightmare before xmas
look at them spooks all hanging in a grave yard diiiiicks
by samxcore February 1, 2005
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your infant child turns to you and goes "is that John?" and you're so baffled all you can utter is something like hm huh who where.
turns out the Beatles are playing in the background and she wants to check whether its John or Paul singing.
gave me the spooks
by Krkič February 27, 2020
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An idea with no true backing in reality, as popularized by the philosopher Max Stirner.
P. Frenchie Proudhon: The right to property is a spook!
by T. Pseud December 15, 2016
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a cia agent(s)used in 1960's america
that black suv is full of spooks
by rusty shackleford March 3, 2005
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