1) a random boredom word
2) something you say while thinking
3) a gorgeous female of great power
'hm, now what was i thinking?'
by crystal April 02, 2003
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a word mostly women use that institutes intense wonder in the guy, thus giving her such power in only one small grunt-type majiig.

It is also used to make other people wonder what you're thinking about, or is used to pretend you're listening...
guy: "I'm so sorry, I tried calling you."
girl: "hm"

by Revlen February 28, 2006
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Can be used as an unnecessary extension to a question.
What's with all these people wearing stupid colorful socks--do they think they distract people away from realizing how boring and unoriginal they actually are, hm?
by burlwood November 03, 2015
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hm is a sound made after someone says something it can be used in a condescending/angry/confused/excited/speechless situation
(someone says something stupid) your response "hm"
by mikimoore June 16, 2010
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This word means 'help me'.
It is mainly used when people are talking about homework or just when they are stressed out. There is a sentence below which 'hm' is used in:
"This is so hard hm!!"
"Please hm"

"My life is a mess, hm!"
by olli_xbb March 23, 2018
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OMGWTFNO!111 Er...that hot short chick.
"Oh snizzap! Look at HM standing by the soda machine. Good thing I brought a dollar."
by Matt February 02, 2004
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acronym for hair metal, scene kids generic dance to classic rock: flings hair arround and does open chord stance on air guitar
Person 1: HM brigades out again, lets go elsewhere
Person 2: rheeto
by snake-eyes-13 November 05, 2008
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