Coined by prohibition era gangster George “Machine Gun” Kelly, G-men is slang for government agents.
"the G-men are coming"
by Rncf87 January 4, 2005
Term for the FBI, CIA and other government intelligence agents.

The name comes from a 1930's movie glorifying the efforts of government agents in their fight against organised crime.
Do we really want panty-wearing G-men monitoring our activities on the Internet?
by Alan May 9, 2004
A slang term for FBI. In 1933 when cornerd by the FBI Machine Gun Kelly shouted to his wife "lookout the G men are here"!
Tony I would'nt download all that music if i were you. It's impossible to know when the G men will show up
by Tony Vullings July 11, 2008
A nickname used for the NFL team New York Giants.
Do you think the G-Men are going to win this weeks game versus the Jets?
by Pavelski8 October 4, 2007
A nickname for the NFL football team, New York Giants. It is a combination of another nickname and their formal name.
Men In Blue + Giants = G men
You see the G men wreck the Eagles last week?

The G men are the greatest sports team in the world, and the Eagles are the worst.

I hate the Philadelphia Eagles, they smell. GO G MEN!!!
by Jersey Boy June 28, 2006
A slang term for the San Francisco Giants, the word "Giants" starts with "G", and all the players on the team are male, thus you get the term "G Men". This term was popularized by a remix of the song "Fly Like a G6" called "Fly Like a G Men", celebrating a Giants victory. The term "G Man" is derived from this word, and refers to an individual player from the team.
Damn bitch, you fuckin fly like them fuckin G Men
by aminy23 February 5, 2011
Slang for Glassmen. A drum and bugle corps from Toledo, OH.
I actually though the G-Men's show was quite entertaining this year.
by John February 8, 2005