act of semen shooting out of the erection
"John was finishing up his moment with a splurge"
by xxprincessjayyxx July 10, 2015
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The noise Grover makes in The Battle of the Labyrinth once he wakes up from passing out.
We do not know the orgin of this word, but i mean, its Grover.
by Kazura and Izumi November 22, 2009
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v. To shoot the goo, blow your load, fire your wad, or cum on another's face.
Damn! I done splurged a wicked facial on that hoe.
by D'emon November 6, 2002
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More than a brain-fart, a complete meltdown of the brain, especially when achieved in front of other people, who will note it. Particularly prominent in South Pasadena, and well, the world.

Also can be used as a noun for someone who constantly achieves this mental reatardation.
That girl was giving the answer to the teacher and nobody knew what she was talking about. Even the teacher laughed. She was mad SPLURG-ing.

David Suh is such a SPLURGE.
by South Pasadena Resident August 20, 2005
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After a prolonged period without sex or masturbation a large amount of seamen is ejaculated quite violently across a great distance, often leads to bloobies .
by Mateus June 14, 2006
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