32 definitions by D'emon

n. What Martha's looking at.
Martha's looking at five to ten for insider trading. It's a good thing.
by D'emon November 27, 2002
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n. An underground party featuring a distinctive style of music, dress, dance and visual effects in combination with open sexual behaviour and psychedelic chemicals such as ecstacy.
Dude. Too much X makes you a raving lunatic.
by D'emon November 27, 2002
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v. The phenomenon where multiple heads are observed to pop up above the partitions in a cube farm in rapid succession.
Someone farted and the whole fuckin office went prairie doggin.
by D'emon November 6, 2002
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(proper noun.) A name given to a female ejaculator.
Here cums Puddles!
by D'emon November 13, 2002
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n. Yet another term for the male member.
My biatch loves to play my organ.
by D'emon November 26, 2002
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v. To knock-off someone.

See also whack
Benito stole another of my bitches so I'm gonna off that mothercunter pimp !
by D'emon November 8, 2002
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n. A person who contributes enough definitions to the Urban Dictionary to rank in the "Top-10 Most Frequent Contributors" list.
Please Santa, I wannabe an Oodee Master.
by D'emon March 20, 2003
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