To spit smt out basically means kinda "to say smt, that you hide inside, out loud"
-Yo, Suga, I gotta tell you smt...
-What's that?
-I can't find suitable words...
-Just spit it out, dope! Spit out!
-I've lost your drugs...
by Gorodskaya May 21, 2015
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an expression used to describe when a person goes out of his way to prove himself wrong.
Sarah: Chew each bite 32 times!
Jeff: It's quinoa. You don't need to chew.
Sarah: Yes you do. *chews quinoa 32 times, spits it out* It looks exactly the same.
Frank: You're really spitting out the quinoa.
by GirlNamedSandoz August 30, 2022
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1. Trying to get someone to tell you their secret; can also be used if person is stuttering

2. used to get information off someone
come on, spit it out
by The Voice January 20, 2003
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A pretty awesome rap-metal song from the band Slipknot. It was the second single off of their debut album "Slipknot". If you read the lyrics, they are obviously about anger and arguments.
SPIT IT OUT!!! All you wanna do is drag me down, all I wanna do is stamp you out!
by MetalHead16 December 11, 2010
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After a person has completed the process of consuming said jizz, they proceed to spit out said jizz while their breast are dangling freely.
My place or yours? Cuz tonight you're gonna spit out with your tit out!!!
by OcX_rippa November 22, 2014
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Someone may observe that a father's son resembles his biological father so much so that it appears as if the biological father simply "spit him out" of his mouth. The same can be said of a daughter, but usually it is an observation of the resemblance between father/son.
Wow, this picture of his son looks as if he spit him out!
by tubes1964 January 17, 2019
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