Marked by extreme comfort and style, despite the inadequacies and ineptitude of the creator.
D: Hamish really fucked up the tshirts, though I must admit they're pretty orginal
B: I once created a shirt that was way more orginal. There's no evidence for its existence though. True story.
by chuntheunavoidable June 15, 2010
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When you are an illiterate piece of shit and can't spell your own name on Second Life because English is not your first Language or just because you're retarded
morfad1 changed their display name to MФЯF the Orginal.
by Mr 2nd Life himself September 8, 2018
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The first time a woman is able to reach an orgasm with another partner. Does not involve masturbation. (Some women have difficulty in reaching orgasm through vaginal or oral sex. Thus this term is used).
He/She took my orginity.
You've taken my orginity.
I lost my orginity.
You may not have taken my virginity but you took my orginity
by Soya Milk October 30, 2012
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Often confused with the word "original"
But it means when a guy wears a strap on so he can fuck both holes on a girl while using his fingers to give the girl a oral

(ORal) (vaGINal) (anAL)
Guy: you wanna have a Orginal

by Poop lord 2000 April 20, 2016
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oral sex involving the vagina.

What? You performed orginal on that skank?
by The Fox Association July 11, 2008
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one who constantly joins and parts a channel, much like a grue
Hey, did you see that guy joining and parting all day? He's like the new theGrue! What an orginal.
by midtown28 September 28, 2006
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For our known existence the male species has always been superior. The original fuckboy is the pioneer of fuckboys. They're dated back to the times of male groups. There ancestors are players, pimps and douchbags. When they step into a room full of fuckboys? Fuckboys give grattitude and comments to original fuckboys. Grace them with respect and orginal fuckboys share there stories of pussy conquerings. The original fuckboys are near extinct because of relationships and cheap condoms.
I use to be a fuckboy, now im an original fuckboy. I invented all those tricks homie...

Original fuckboy- the pioneers of fuckboys
Orginal fuckboy are the founding father of fuckboys around the world.
by juni16 January 24, 2016
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