The sound one makes while fisting/shafting a person in the arse while that person is in the throes of a huge and violent bowel movement.
"My fist is touching something which feels bigger than King Kongs first dump of the day!"

by angrysplurge July 9, 2009
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An evil indulgence causing bank accounts to suffer.

ha i was right kristen
To splurge is evil to bank accounts.
by fruity April 2, 2006
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when u go a long time without masterbating and u sit next to a fine ass chick in class and u cum in your pants
Holy shit dude the new girl was so fine that i splurged all over my pants
by hatedforsex April 11, 2007
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1. having sex or being/acting like a hoe

2. baggin' or get to know someone

3. go out & do you
1. that bitch was splurgin at that party on Friday

2. Boy - i'm tryna splurge tonight

3. Girl - me & my boyfriend broke up! i'm splurgin tonight
by xkimberlee June 10, 2009
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