intoxicated to the point of incapacitation
i cant move my legs. i am totally splurged.
by jon November 27, 2004
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To spend money freely with no remorse and very little consequence to your bank account.
Master P splurges when he goes to the Ferrari dealership.
by Jordan King October 13, 2005
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To spend money and buy things with endless spending
I went to the mall and splurged a knot.

I splurge for my girl. I bought everything she wanted.
by RisiCup February 18, 2013
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the act of someone and or something to be able to spit out a substance from their body.

Yo, I just splurged all over my shower.
by JOOKES January 10, 2021
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To spend money in an ejaculatory way.
I just splurged on this 25 thousand dollar amp! Hand me a towel.
by Alberto Venezuela July 11, 2007
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To do something in excess, to go ham.

To spend a lot of money or eat a lot of food at one time.
"Bro, I just lifted weights for three hours! Im about to splurge at the dining hall..."

"I got my paycheck on thursday, so friday afternoon I splurged at the mall. I bought some new shoes and clothes. Now I can't pay rent. Can you cover my half too this month?"
by dubbbbs November 4, 2011
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Alex: dude, why hasn't lizzy called you?
Jake: because i splurged on her face last night.
by elle123456 June 24, 2010
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