The ultimate move of moves, Like a tackle but 100 billion % Better!!!!!! This move can solve world hunger,
Also the most holiest moves of Woot
As used by Ringo, Sir Crips and him( Yeahyou know who.. that dude with the Face), Sir Calum of The Brotherhood of the Woot
spear em all spear em all
by Ringo March 06, 2005
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Spear is the type of guy who will always be there for you. He won’t let some dumb bitches ruin his day. He’s thoughtful and caring but honestly couldn’t give a fuck about your problems but he’ll pretend to. He never fucks around with a girls feelings but he’s horny 24/7. Spear won’t hesitate to do the dumbest shit just to make his friends laugh. This guy will forever love and care for you as long as you show the same affection towards him. This man gets so high he’s on another planet some times! Spear is the hype at a party and will always light up the room as soon as he walks into it! If you find yourself a Spear don’t let him go. Cherish that shit!
Imma go chill with Spear!
by Speargarden April 12, 2020
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One of Goldberg's finishing moves. He was like, the founder of the move.
Spear!!!! Goldberg hit Lesnar with a spear!!! A spear from out of nowhere!!
by Wrestling Man January 23, 2017
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