to be fucked (for girls)
''That girl TOTALLY got speared last night.''
by hggges February 11, 2010
Fucked up....aka: stoned, drunk, buzzed, whatever the fuck you want.
Dude I'm so fucking speared off this rose hookah....
by Mike, Kelly, Blake, Brandon September 23, 2005
You speared that dumbass and made him call for mama
by Bigalb3 October 3, 2007
when a man with a needle dick, sticks it in the urethra of a fatass fagmuffin
jack speared with his morbidly obese and equally faggity gym teacher
by bipolarbear35 January 20, 2008
when running with a erection and bumping into someone
When i was running last night i bumped into a girl and speared a her
by the joke guys January 10, 2016
"Gonna go home and make that hoe ride my spear."
by spear_ March 8, 2003
To put the same answer for multiple questions that one knows can only be right for one of the questions. It is done in the hope that a tired grader will not notice the repetition.
I forgot to study for the quiz, so I guess I'll just spear it.
by Jakkel February 27, 2017