drunk, high, blazed, blitzed, krunk, fucked up in any way
chillin at the hookah bar, blazing some rose cognac, ripped off your ass after doing several beer bongs you turn to your friend and say..."dude...im fucking speared!!"
by Kelly, Blake, Mike, Brandon September 08, 2005
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when running with a erection and bumping into someone
When i was running last night i bumped into a girl and speared a her
by the joke guys April 20, 2016
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A person who has been injured, slaughtered, or maimed by a long shafted weapon with a pointy blade at its tip is said to have been Speared.

Not only black people can be Speared, but white, yellow, and red people too.
Mel Gibson deliberately waited until the family reunion dinner to tell his story about how he Speared one of his acting buddies by accident in the gut and how chunky white puke came out from her punctured duodenum and out the gash in the abdomen. They had to call the ecnalubma.
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