"Gonna go home and make that hoe ride my spear."
by spear_ March 8, 2003
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To put the same answer for multiple questions that one knows can only be right for one of the questions. It is done in the hope that a tired grader will not notice the repetition.
I forgot to study for the quiz, so I guess I'll just spear it.
by Jakkel February 27, 2017
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A melee (hand to hand) weapon. It is a long pole about five or six feet with a very short blade at the spearhead. The spear was very reliable back in the ancient to medieval ages. It is mainly a light thrusting weapon, also efficient in repelling cavalry. It can also be used to be thrown at the enemy. Unlike the sword, and the great axe, the spear did not take much energy to use. The spear was very light compared to the broadsword, and one slight thrust with the spear can kill, unlike the broadsword, where one has to swing hard to inflict damage. The spear also has its disadvantages; a very agile and fast soldier is best suited for using a spear, not the slow, big, tough soldier who can't move as fast. Since the pole of the spear is made of wood, a sword or axe can cut a spear in half, so a spear can not block any swings. Spears are also awkward when used with shields. Despite these disadvantages, the spear was an excellent weapon in the ancient to medieval ages until the advent of the gunpowder age.
The Roman soldiers first threw their spears into the enemy line, then drew their short swords and charged the enemy.
by your daddy May 27, 2004
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A long bladed weapon used in combat
I'll kill you with this spear!!
by Kain Vincent August 18, 2003
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a thrusting or throwing weapon with long shaft and sharp head or blade
Achilles raised his spear and hurled it at Hector
by Adrianna Lazaro February 25, 2015
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(Of a woman) to have anal sex with a man using a strap-on phallus.
"It is quite uncomfortable to be speared" or "Britney spears"
by Dybeck November 27, 2004
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