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a shorter version of the words "going to" often typed on the internet but can also be used verbally.
yo dude im gona toke all in?
by streakinbuddy420 December 28, 2005
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A Beautiful, smart kind nice lady. Always helpful never lies,A Gona is an AMAZING friend! She is beautiful, smart, nice, funny, and cute! She is amazing and if you have a Gona in your life whatever you do don't let her go! If you do you will be depressed. Gona's are very understanding and you can tell a Gona anything. A Gona will always be there for you no matter what. She is very popular and all the guys like her but she doesn't even notice. Everybody wants to be friends with her but she will never forget her best friends. No matter how busy she is, or if your in different classes, or not in the same town, she will still make time for you. Keep a Gona close and never let her go.
"I would love to have a friend like Gona"
"I asked Gona for help, she did such a good job helping me."
by paninipuss October 11, 2018
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