31 definitions by your daddy

1. another word for bammer weed

2. my homeboy Ryan

3. Yogi's homeboy
1. Man, don't get any of that boo boo. That crap is bammer.

2. Hey Boo Boo, sup with the doja?

3. Boo Boo jocks Yogi so much, he steals picnic baskets in exchange for hummers
by your daddy November 26, 2003
A car driven by an ignorant redneck who cant accept that overly large engines arent needed to go fast. Often seen with faded paint jobs, non-existant interiors, and downright ugly drivers. For a domestic racer, starting the car is half the battle.
My daddy drove a ford so they must be good, right? Well Daddy is a drunk farmer who cant afford to feed his family. Does it seem like he makes good choices to you?
by your daddy September 5, 2003
1:A Sausage or a hotdog
2:A Big Dick
3:An Insult
4:The Boss
1:I cant eat my Sauzech without Ketchup
2:My Sauzech Is so big if you put 10 people in a line I can smack everyone of them in one swipe of my Sauzech
3:What are you,A Sauzech,Help me with these boxes!
4:Im the Sauzech Around Here So you better listen
by your daddy August 17, 2004
1:The Spainish word for monkey.
2:A saying that can be used in dirty words.
3:A insult to Mexicans,Latinos,Cubans,
and Phillipine People.
1:Look at that Chongo In the Tree.
2:Enni Menni Minni Drongo,Would you like to Kiss my Chongo?
3:Get the fuck out of my tree you Fuckin Chongo!,Go to Hell!
by your daddy August 17, 2004
An Excellent submachine-gun manufactured by Heckler and Koch(H&K). It has 3 settings:Semi-automatic, 3 round burst, and full automatic. The MP5 uses 9mm parabellum rounds used by handguns such as the beretta. widely used by the Special Forces and SWAT Teams, the MP5 is a versatile and reliable gun.
When you're going up against a SWAT team equipped with MP5s, you're fucked.
enough said.
by your daddy July 4, 2003