A derogatory term for an African American, more commonly used in the post-Civil War era than today.
No you can't sit with me, you damn spade.
by tvh2k December 11, 2002
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A mildly derogative word for a black male.
"This spade just waltzes between us and starts beakin off about my jacket."
"Some spade just got his ass kicked outside."
"Somebody get this spade a drink!"
by Andrew Hutton October 31, 2007
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Another name for a small shovel.
The man used the spade to dig the grave that he would put his next victim in.
by All_Knowing September 14, 2005
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A sturdy digging tool having a thick handle and a heavy, flat blade that can be pressed into the ground with the foot, that is usually called by its proper term
"I call a spade a 'spade'"
by Andy Tiger May 26, 2005
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1. (verb) to make smalltalk with someone with the single intention of softening them up for a later seduction attempt. To put in some "ground work".

2. (noun) the metaphorical implement with which one carries out a spading operation
1. Man, check out Dave. He is totally spading those three co-eds.

2. "Hey Dave! Can I get you a spade?"
by snookums July 20, 2005
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the symbol of bros
a sure sign that someone is a bro is if they rep a spade, wear long socks, rock srh, wear baggy dickies, wear spys sunglasses, listen to kottonmouth kings, obsessed with southern california {ie so cal 909}, drive black pick-up trucks, and say DGAF
Chris: why the fuck is nick obsessed with the spade?
Kyle: cuz that fools a bro
by plo4life February 1, 2008
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A cool and talented dude. Term originated in New York / North Jersey. You refer to someone as a spade to recognize them as an all around baller. Someone who is good at a lot of things.
"You know Landon?"
"Yeah, that's my guy. Verified spade, everyone loves him."
by P.V. July 22, 2016
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