Someone who started out from the bottom and with nothing and have now made it to the top.
Look at Pete and Steve over there, they are true ballers
by ballerdave678936 February 2, 2015
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A person who has come into money and spends it extravagantly like a rich athlete.
Did you see that huge tip he left for the pretty waitress? What a baller!
by metrodorus March 14, 2016
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A thug that has "made it" to the big time. Originally refered ball players that made it out of the streets to make millions as a pro ball player, but now is used to describe any thug that is living large.
Pain is a part of the game when you're a baller.
by thug4life September 29, 2002
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anyone who has actually taken the time to add the definition for baller, is not a baller. (me included)
by nosirimnotyourmomma October 26, 2011
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An amazing figure featured in multiple roblox games, who holds a ball, and is really cool. Baller was popular because of a meme by a dude parodying "stop posting about among us", in a tiktok. in the tiktok, he states; "Stop posting about BALLER, I'm tired of seeing it, my friends on tiktok send me BALLER. On Discord, it's fuckin' BALLER"
"what are you playing?", "oh, I'm just finding baller, in find the ballers"
by spacebyte November 29, 2022
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Livin large, with girls and money
Mike Z. and Derek L. are straight ballers
by DRock February 11, 2003
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1. A person who plays, and is very successful in basketball.
2. A person who finds success and wealth. The source of income is usually unknown by others, but can tell wealth by the "baller's" attire and usually cocky attitude.
Did you see that baller who just sped by in that 'vette?
by Mephisto June 12, 2003
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