1. Geographical region: Southern California.

2. A trademark.

3. Home to killer surf.

4. An attitude.

5. A complimentary expression sometimes used as a snide insult.
Aren't you just So Cal?
by So Cal Gal March 18, 2005
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A reigion boasting large amounts of concrete, homosexuals and fake tits. Quite probably the most disgusting place. White kids tend to try to act tough by sportin famous clothing and skate all day while other ones are complete bro's and wear abercrombie and other homosexual lines of clothing. So cal gives california a bad name (and Hollister isnt in so cal ... its a town an hour inland by gilroy/ san jose)
:Hey bro wanna go hang out at hollister and check out the new upside down visors.
: Ya dude that would be so legit lets get some famous hats and so cal shirts too!
by Go to hell so cal bro's October 29, 2007
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The nickname for Southern California. one of the most populated regions in the world. truly has every single race, religion, ethnicity, you could think of. often portrayed as being wealthy, superficial, stuck up, and sunny, which is mostly true with the exception of some poor areas like south/east LA. most people care about how they look, especially if you are younger. soccer moms from the hundreds of wealthy areas try to maintain their youth by getting botox and boob jobs, which aint such a bad thing for the guys ;). it is almost impossible to move here if you are coming from out of state unless you have tons of money and a job lined up. definitely a place where you have to pay to live in a safe area. some of the worst traffic, congestion, and air quality you will find. has some of the wealthiest areas in the nation as well as the poorest. home to the hottest people you will ever see and people know how to party here.... a place where every single person in the world will have a love/hate relationship with it....welcome to So Cal
you from so cal?

yes i am

oh cool cool...

yeah it's a love hate relationship
by chazzzzzzman January 3, 2010
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Southern California. One of the best/worst to live.
josh: Your from so cal?

David: Me too
by Lakers4life89 December 11, 2010
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I indeed made up this phrase. It WILL hit the streets faster than "that's hot." Just you wait. So, meaning, in an excessive amount, and cal, short for california. So California (since that is the coolest state, and one of the largest, many things just ARE california. Thanks for your time.
L: God damn those sunglasses. I've never seen them in the streets of Bethesda.
L2: That's because they're so cal. And cal is way farther than bethesda. it's gotta get here. chill out L1!!!! CHRIST.
L: Hook me up wif a pair of dooose shades!
L2: Time for some meds. MEDS ARE SO CAL.
by Laily...O:-) June 28, 2005
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a group of extremely narcissistic and annoying people in the southern california region, based mostly in the san pedro area and some of the surrounding south bay. basically everyone that tries to belong to the "so cal assassins" are just major douchebags who think they're better than everyone in the history of the world. they pretty much all need a good ass kicking and hopefully will one day realize what incredible fucktards they are.

how to spot a "so cal assassin":

-look for an annoyingly large and lifted truck, usually extremely loud and obnoxious

-a lot of tattooed losers driving them

-people who act like they are not racist, but most definately are, as one can blatently see by their iron cross tattoos and white power state of mind

-someone who does absolutely nothing with their life but try and be cooler than they actually are.
girl #1: hey did you see those loser "so cal assassins" guys driving around in their piece of shit car trying to give everyone dirty looks?

girl#2:yeah, they should really stop with that, its actually extremely embarassing if you ask me.
by ahemmmmm October 9, 2008
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