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A word used by British chavs to mean intimidating opps or disliked people. Similar to peer-pressure but is usually done for intimidation against people when attempting to start beef or escelate a situation.
"Yo brudda word been you seen caught lackin in ends what you saying"
"Nah nah g thats wass trust I aint moving like that"
"You an opp g I seen you lackin myself you calling me a liar yeah?"
"Nah nah nah"
"You sayin I'm lying, disrespecting me yeah?"
"Nah g I aint said nuttin"
"If you think you all bigman come park tommorow in town ya get me"
"I aint trying to beef opps yano"
"You playing your mouth come down park or I'll catch you"
"Nah this is unfair"
"You being pressured g I can see. You're a melt yano that"
"Ok Ok I'll come down then tommorow yeah"
"Ight, Pussy"
by ClappedChav November 30, 2019
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