SOE - short for Sony Online Entertainment, probably the biggest twats in the history of man.
They like to create games then slowly destroy them - or quickly in the case of Star Wars Galaxies where they created a great new gaming enhancements which actually sucked and lost them many customers, they are now putting back things that they took out because they just realised what a fuck up this 'NGE' is.
SOE: Check out our New Gaming Enhancements!
Customer: Damn it's crap now! SOE suck balls! *cancels account*
by Ririne January 2, 2006
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Sony Online Entertainment, a branch off of Sony corperation run by morons who set up servers for massive multiplayer online role playing games after they fire the original developers from their games (Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies, Vanguard, etc.) and replace them with their own team of developers, who stuggle with keeping the game running causing their games to fail. They are largely known to be the worst online gaming corperation among gamers due to horrible game play experiences, very low populated servers, and poor mannered player base.
I ran around several maps because I had no idea where to turn in my quest, nobody would help me in global chat, then I ran into two people sitting on a rock who completely ignored me! Fuck SOE and their shitty games!
by HDM01 October 16, 2009
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Short for Sony Online Entertainment. Possibly the worst game developers, EVER. Creating games devoid of any real content and stuck in beta. They butchered Everquest. They created Star Wars Galaxies. Just aviod liking or playing anything they make. You will regret it when you descover the game you were suppost to be buying instead of EQ 2.
"SOE. Those bastards could not pull a good MMORPG out their ass if they tried."
by Ctiger December 2, 2004
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SOE = Shitty Overatted Explosion..SOE made many evil retarded games including Everquest and...Everquest2?..Yup all shit, but nothing compares to SWG. THIS GAME IS HATRED IN A BOX
Well I myself went through the painfull process of playing the evil SWG. After a few days of torture and suffering i thought to my self, WHY THE FUCK....And i shot myself 12 times in the leg ^_____^
by Takz December 21, 2004
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SOE short for: Sony Online Entertainment
-worst developers ever, ruined SWG for everyone and never fixes anything.
- i hope that somone shits on the SOE developers
by willard_1 November 26, 2005
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Swag Over Everything A Group Of Live Ass Niggas Who Party in Alief,Texas and Got Swag
SOE #1 :Bro That Girl Said You Lame

SOE #2: IDGAF Bro It Swag Over Everything
by A Live Ass Nigga October 26, 2011
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Sony online entertainment Known to fuck up mmo games
"hey jimmy you brought dc universe aw no take that shit the fuck back its another SOE title" Yet another well planed game FUCKED UP BY SOE WELL DONE YOU COCK SUCKERS
by anon3543543 May 5, 2011
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