Normally an English gentleman - Dresses smartly and to an untrained eye has the look of a preppy - They have exceptional etiquette and are from wealthy backgrounds - Peacock's have class.

They don't shop for Jack Wills or try to follow the trend - they have a unique style.
"Oh yeah you know that guy" - "he's such a Peacock"
by WhynotMike? February 3, 2010
A very flamboyant gay man. He wears many bright colors and may have quite the strut. not a derogatory term, but fitting for many of the flashy men that march in pride parades.
"Jeremy really let his peacock side shine at the PRIDE parade last weekend, huh."
"I found his enthusiasm refreshing, personally"
by S... March 5, 2015
A peacock is essentially a small dick; a dick the size of a pea.
"So how was the sex last night?"
"Disapointing, he was a total peacock and I couldn't feel anything!"
by chickenhater October 3, 2012
a young 13 year old girl from the game SKULLGIRLS.
also referred to as Patricia, peacock was a mutilated orphan after Dr, avian of lab 8 found her she was turned into the ultimate killing machine.
peacock is looking quite toonish as you would say.
by sonic cancer January 15, 2018
An attractive (usually homosexual) male that is obsessed with mirrors. He is generally preoccupied with and often vain about his clothes and manners
by They Were All Fake March 25, 2006
1. Large bird

2. A male extremity comenly known as a dick or penis
1. That peacock is really pretty.

2. I would love to see his peacock
by Lilo_AND_stitch June 26, 2016
The act of legally cheating on your wife/girlfriend by having another woman rub her chest up and down on your back like a peacock. It's not cheating because you aren't using your hands or making eye contact.
Peacock me baby. Peacock me.
by adabicee March 23, 2010