The collective narrative/story of a fantasy universe, aka something you'll never learn in its entirety
-Yo bro have you learned all of the dark souls lore?
-Nah bro it's too big (that's what she said) I can't bother
by Shin-- June 26, 2021
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The collective history and the sum of all knowledge available about a certain fantasy or sci-fi universe.
- Do you know an RPG with a good story?
- Yeah, the Elder Scrolls games have quite the lore.
by Twyzëas June 10, 2015
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The story or reasoning behind occurances.
Usually a story or novel that has become mediated.
"How come my character can fly?"
"Must be some lore excuse."
by KuroKitty October 26, 2007
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an eaxtreamly beautiful girl. with an amazing body. she has a vary confusing personality. she is all in all perfect even though she can be a bit confusing there isnt one thing to change
"man lore is hot"
"damn lore has a nice ass"
"man i love lore so much"
"lore i love you
by dating lore March 19, 2009
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Kind of just another word for fairytale exept it's not just for fairytales.
The wolf knew the lore.
by NOT Cedric Diggory October 11, 2020
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a lot of bore
"dude, this is lore"
"i know dude, operas suck!"
by emily e August 7, 2005
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Lorelys is a name for an amazing girl who's really talented. She's really sensitive yet cool. She has a big sense of humor and will stay commited to her partner. When a "lorelys" is sad they'll hide their emotions really good and won't let anyone know. She maybe silly at times but will be serious about her studies. Wow you're so "lorelys "thanks"
Your such a lorelys
by Robert Poseidon December 13, 2014
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