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Two different Definitions:

1. To ignore or show disregard towards.

2. To take advantage of a particular situation.

Term coined in New York City.

Similar to terms such as, “It’s a wrap” or “Thats a dub.”
Definition 1:
A: “yo man you going to that party tonight.”
B: “Nah man is clip for that party, I’m not going.”

Definition 2:

G: “Wow someone left their wallet here.”
H: “if nobody comes to claim it, it’s clip for that wallet, I’m taking it.”
by NYClingo May 16, 2018
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tabacco rolled into a joint along with weed to help it burn, and to add a little kick
I only had half a gram so I rolled a joint with clip to fill it up.
by sebastiancee January 22, 2008
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If he doesn't pay, clip him.
by Anonymous May 11, 2003
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A series of bullets on stacked vertically and used to load rifles faster than loading bullet by bullet. The clip is inserted throught the top and the slide is then pulled back.
The german K98 mauser was loaded by a clip.
by Robert December 16, 2003
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A clip is a strip of metal that holds rounds of ammunition for insertion into a magazine.
A clip goes into a magazine, but a magazine does not go into a clip.
by Grant February 13, 2004
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