Someone who is unconcerned with most things apart from snowboarding. Including moaning about skiers, if there were no skiers there would be no ski patrol, you would bash your head because you messed up on a jump that you had no idea how to do because you learnt snowboard tricks from SSX tricky on the playsation 2, and you would die on the mountain because no-body would get you down. If people didnt ski, then ski resorts would lose 80% of their income, and shut down. Most snowboarders who are actively involved in the sport or live in a resort have best friends who are skiers. Bad snowboarders are just as annoying on the hill as bad skiers. People who sit in the park and take an hour to build up the courage to hit a jump are far better than people who ride through the park, hit nothing, and then bitch about those people who are sat down. Calling a skier a bitch or a c*nt doesnt make you a cool snowboarder, it makes you a prick. Wearing ridiculous clothing and using words like 'steez' 'shred the gnar' and 'badass mother fucker' doesnt make you a snowboarder, it makes you sound like a retared ex-ganster. Snowboarding is a lifestyle choice, you choose to be unconcerned with politics and social crap, including belittling other people. You snowboard because it gives you a rush, because you like the peace and quiet of the hill, and because its fun, it has nothing to do with status. Yeah there are annoying things like skiers going slowly infront of you, get over it, and get good enough to go where they cant. Bitch less ride more.
Written by a snowboarder.
Snowboarder -A person who participates in the sport of snowboarding.
by CaraH March 22, 2007
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one who enjoys sliding on frozen precipitate in a general downward direction on a combination of wood and p-tex formed into a board.
that snowboarder just hit the most gnarly diamond back
by alarna January 29, 2004
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A long board with a slick bottom called the p-tex, a layer of fiberglass, and plastic sheet on top with plastic bindings and big ride it down the mountain and it freakin rocks!a sport that only lame skiiers make fun of.(not that all skiiers are lame cuz most are tight)
"Hey john you wanna go snowboarding this weekend? You could work on your 720's? Just come over tommoro night and bring your snowboard."
by the pro skateist extrodinare September 1, 2006
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wow that guy with the snowboard beat up that skier with his own poles.
by ride4life August 16, 2003
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the coolest sport in the world that involves going down a snow covered mountain strapped to a board. like skiing, but with only one board and much better
by anonymous July 26, 2003
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Snowboarder: noun. A person who participates in the sport of snowboarding officially or unofficially.
Snowboarder: slang. Slang amongst skiers meaning: take cover.
Noun example: Shaun WHite = professional snowboarder. Valerire D = unprofessional snowboarder.
Slang example: *Hears rough whooshing sound from up the mountain*. "Snowboarder!" *moves to avoid collison.*
by Cogitator July 29, 2009
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