The action of giving two guys a foot job simultaneously. It's awesome.
Guy 1: "Dude did you see Jessie give snowboarding lessons to those other two guys!"

Guy 2: "Yah man. I'd let her wax me up and ride me anyday!"

Guy 1's dad: "Ummm...she already ripped up my slopes!"
by TheTrademark May 15, 2009
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A sexual act where one gets waterboarded with cum.
Jasmine is into some kinky shit, but when her boyfriend suggested snowboarding she punched him in the face.
by Bluejayjay June 28, 2013
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An entity, usually human, who straps a semi-oval board to their foot and procedes to either
a. SHRED IT UP!!! Pulls sick tricks like triple backflip to 7000 degree turn while grabbing their board in five different places!!!!
b. slide to the middle of a good run, sit down, ruin the run and never leave. (Perhaps waiting for hell to freeze over?)
a. Shaun White - Many time slopestyle champion
b. People that call themselves snowboarders but in reality need to be run over, hit, called bad names, cursed at, and generally hurt
by Zack726 December 9, 2005
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A person who realized that skiing is just too easy. One who loves snow.
A person who is in the MOC (maine outing club) and the guy with all the girls after the lifts close.
That snowboader is wicked Loaf'n Gnarley!
by Ian "the wolf" Woelfel December 10, 2004
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a constant barrage of blizzards, with just enough time between storms to dig yourself out before the next one hits, smothering any hope.. like waterboarding, but a lot harder on the lower back..
by Supershovel February 9, 2010
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pissing off people who deserve to be on the slopes by ruining all powder and cutting them off right in front of jumps just so you can wipeout a 180 while yelling at your friend to "keep rolling" b/c that was a "gnarly bail," then hiking back up the hill so you can sit on your ass for 20 min waiting for 40 other douchebags and then attempting to push yourself up and gain speed by hopping up & down like a dumbass all so that you can go halfway up a jump before pussying out and "carving" to go off the side, but STILL reaching your arm back just enough so you can shout "Brah, tell me you got that gnarly tail grab" as you fall face-first into the ice, then complain about the nasty conditions and how they are scratching up your $6,000 piece of wood (C'MON!) that your rich dad bought you and complain while hiking back up to repeat it all again until you slide down to the base lodge to disturb the family atmosphere there enough that you are asked to leave, so you call your dad and he gets the entire kitchen staff fired so I can't even get a burger and decide to just cut my losses and go home and I walk outside to find my new skis in a river, and I try to rescue them but get stuck, catch pneumonia, and spend my whole 6 hr, cramped car ride home coughing while you laugh back to your slope-side mansion and play 4 hrs of CoD online against 8yo’s, whom you taunt until they cry to their mommies and develop inferiority complexes, on your 80” TV before doing it all again the next day-ing
Danny Bonaduce: "hey, I'm going snowboarding"
by Shawn White is Okay December 21, 2010
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A snowboarder is someone who doesn't just won a snowboard but lives the snowboard culture. Not only does one have to be an expert to consider themselves a snowboarder, real snowboarders would never consider: going into a park when theres powder elsewhere on the mountain, stopping and sitting down, moving out of the way for some newbie skier who sucks ass, wearing their pants so low that when they're in powder snow gets down them, and finally no real snowboarder snowboards with other snowboarders. This just brings down the integrity of oneself is he is seen with other snowboard owners not snowboarders per se. Snowboarders dont scrape snow off the mountain and dont go down the hill in the stopping position. These acts are only for the inexperienced owners who suck at life. All in all snowboarders are probably the most down to earth and normal people on the hill. Next time you see one, try riding the lift with them, you will be suprised at how much cooler they are than your lame skiing counterpart
I just saw a snowboarder who was really hot

This snwboarder was in the woods and just tearing it up nonstop

I hate it when trick ass snowboarders dont do anything in the park, they just sit there
by Lil Dub C November 17, 2004
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