commonly mispelled as skieer, skiir, skiieer, or idiot, a skier is someone who has no fear. A true skier (there are many imposters) can "ride" a whole mountain. THey are able to pull insane tricks, like double-backflip-900-helicopter-indy grab to switch-triple-frontflip-360- nose grab. They can also ski in light snow called "powder" while defying the laws of gravity by not sinking in. A true skier is a great athlete, and can generally do loops around a snowboarder in any part of a mountain.
a. True Skier - Bode Miller, Glen Plake (see Mohawk)
b. Wannabe/Poser/Lame Skier - One who "pizzas" and generally either gets in your way, slows you down, or runs into you.
WARNING - avoid type b at all costs and if possible, run into them
by Zack726 December 9, 2005
There are three types of skier.

1. Racer : synonym for Homosexual

2. Freestyler : synonym for fucking dope. They cant do many tricks on rails so they add spins and stuff to them. looks sick!

3. Regular : person who just skiis around on hills. thats pretty much it
1. Racer pride! :D
2. I ride, but i love riding with freeskiers!

3. Hey, look over there at that guy skiing down the hill.
by uhhduh! December 23, 2011
Noun: (ski-ur)- a man/woman who is way too cool for school...
hi guys... im a skier!
by chadders June 2, 2005
people who think that every snowboarder hates them and therefore hate snowboarders. also people who suck at life.
by eleventyeight July 24, 2006
the equivalent of a rollerblader to a skate boarder, a skier to a snowboarder
those dang skiers are always getting in the way
by john zebra January 11, 2011
Noun: (ski-ur)- when in the bahamas at a bachelor a party, a way to discretely talk about a man/woman who is of african american origins
Related word: Snowboarder - a man/woman who appears to be half black / half white

Hey Bob, did you sleep with that skier last night?
Hey Steve, check out that snowboarder.
Hey Karen, are you a skier?
by ub1234 August 23, 2007
When a whore is sitting between two guys and giving them both a handjob.
Becky was so high yesterday that she gave two guys a hand job at the same time.

Oh, so she's a skier huh.
by Some guy#2 December 17, 2016