commonly mispelled as skieer, skiir, skiieer, or idiot, a skier is someone who has no fear. A true skier (there are many imposters) can "ride" a whole mountain. THey are able to pull insane tricks, like double-backflip-900-helicopter-indy grab to switch-triple-frontflip-360- nose grab. They can also ski in light snow called "powder" while defying the laws of gravity by not sinking in. A true skier is a great athlete, and can generally do loops around a snowboarder in any part of a mountain.
a. True Skier - Bode Miller, Glen Plake (see Mohawk)
b. Wannabe/Poser/Lame Skier - One who "pizzas" and generally either gets in your way, slows you down, or runs into you.
WARNING - avoid type b at all costs and if possible, run into them
by Zack726 December 9, 2005
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There are three types of skier.

1. Racer : synonym for Homosexual

2. Freestyler : synonym for fucking dope. They cant do many tricks on rails so they add spins and stuff to them. looks sick!

3. Regular : person who just skiis around on hills. thats pretty much it
1. Racer pride! :D
2. I ride, but i love riding with freeskiers!

3. Hey, look over there at that guy skiing down the hill.
by uhhduh! December 23, 2011
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Noun: (ski-ur)- a man/woman who is way too cool for school...
hi guys... im a skier!
by chadders June 2, 2005
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people who think that every snowboarder hates them and therefore hate snowboarders. also people who suck at life.
by eleventyeight July 24, 2006
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the equivalent of a rollerblader to a skate boarder, a skier to a snowboarder
those dang skiers are always getting in the way
by john zebra January 11, 2011
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Noun: (ski-ur)- when in the bahamas at a bachelor a party, a way to discretely talk about a man/woman who is of african american origins
Related word: Snowboarder - a man/woman who appears to be half black / half white

Hey Bob, did you sleep with that skier last night?
Hey Steve, check out that snowboarder.
Hey Karen, are you a skier?
by ub1234 August 23, 2007
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When 3 men sit next to each other and the middle man gives a hand-job to the other two men simultaneously, as if pretending to be in the act of skying down a mountain... Only more gay.
2 guys and a Tranny sit on a bench, the Tranny is in the middle and loves to give out hand-jobs, the other two idiots are drunk and horny. The Skier is the only solution to this dilemma.

Faggotry ensues, monies are exchanged, arrests are made, court dates issued and then ignored.
by Merkahva May 29, 2011
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