1.) The best thing in the morning. The best part about living alone. The best part of taking a shit(for the most part).

2.) The state of being free from bullshit

3.) Serenity. Requires being alone.

1.) Nothing better than waking up to a peaceful morning with no one around to bother you.

2.) After fearing going postal while listening to my dickhead boss lecture me about nothing that will change anything within the next 10 years, it was nice to get home to my quiet apartment.

3.) Nothing beats peace and quiet.
by Serenity now September 26, 2006
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1. When a Sandian shuts the fuck up after 2 hours of talking about the high cost of medications, the great deals on condos they can get and what kind of car rated highest for safety standards (instead of actually working).

2. The outcome of a Sandian being murdered.

3. When I shit down and clog the throat of a Sandian
When the crazy contractor murdered the Sandian, there was finally Peace and Quiet.
by The Lord December 19, 2003
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When there's no 1/2 ton pickup with dual exhaust or a dumped muffler passing you by,
or a 3/4 ton Dodge diesel with a 5" chrome exhaust pipe
passing by your house, or a motorcycle passing by,
or there's not a dump truck or a gas rig in sight of your house.
Man, thank god I don't hear those jerks making all that racket roaring past my house, so I can have some peace and quiet. At least for right now until they do drive by and wake the dead.
by Anonymous52618 March 25, 2008
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A phrase commonly used when an annoying-ass bastard of a person leaves.
"peace and quiet at last," John said as his uncle's annoying girlfriend left.
by NOTCODYPIERCE July 12, 2018
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