The action of giving two guys a foot job simultaneously. It's awesome.
Guy 1: "Dude did you see Jessie give snowboarding lessons to those other two guys!"

Guy 2: "Yah man. I'd let her wax me up and ride me anyday!"

Guy 1's dad: "Ummm...she already ripped up my slopes!"
by TheTrademark May 15, 2009
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Basically the most fun...ever. The best winter sport period. Altho in response to "the angry gnome" I'm one of those little effers that just jib...because i have no place to go backcountry. So yeah, I wont say snowboarding is better then skiing...because i ahev never gone skiiing...but all those little 6 yr old rich skiiers on the hill certainly PISS ME OFF
Dumb Kid at my school: "Hey look, that kid thinks she's so cool because she thinks she can snowboard"
me: *flawlessly grinds a rail*
Dumb kid: *faints because of my awesomeness*
Other dumb kid "Maybe i should try snowboarding..."
by SNOWBOARDINGisLIFE August 16, 2007
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When someone does a line of coke off a guy's penis.
Ben: So after finals what did you do?
Le: Went to an orgy and went snowboarding.
by Ninja Wink December 13, 2010
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A sexual act where one gets waterboarded with cum.
Jasmine is into some kinky shit, but when her boyfriend suggested snowboarding she punched him in the face.
by Bluejayjay June 28, 2013
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snowboarding is the best sport ever, not only the best winter sport, but the best sport EVER. Not even hockey and football are even as close to being as awesome as snowboarding. Snowboarding is for real adrenaline junkies who don't wanna look like a douche bag by being a skier.
Girl: are you good at snowboarding?
Guy: yeah, and I'm not a dumb ass skier
Girl: lets have sex right now!
by snowbrdr1 November 05, 2012
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a constant barrage of blizzards, with just enough time between storms to dig yourself out before the next one hits, smothering any hope.. like waterboarding, but a lot harder on the lower back..
by Supershovel February 09, 2010
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