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The US Military's current weapon. It is accurate, a bitch to keep working, and lack stopping power.
If you want to let them die slowly, shoot them with an
M-16. If you want to put that fucker out like a light, blast him with an AK-47. A lot of people prefer the AK to the M due to the issues of the 16 lacking the stopping power and reliability of the 47. The M-16 bullet tumbles and fragments when it hits human flesh, resulting in severe wounds, but does not have the flat out damage caused by the heavier AK-47 bullet, which demolishes everything in its path.
by Cogitator November 30, 2009
The best kind of rope. Also used for smoking.
If it weren't for cannabis making rope for the exploration ships, we would not be in America. It was not until the world's fair that pot parties started in America.
by Cogitator November 2, 2008
I am a gearsawer, I don't need to shotgun, because when they get close, I hack them in two.
by Cogitator August 8, 2008
The successor to the AK-47. It is currently employed by the Russian armed forces. The bullet caliber is 5.45X39mm. The bullet has a higher muzzle velocity than the old 47's 7.62X39mm. The 74 is more accurate than its predecessor, with an effective range of around 540 yards. Mikhail Kalashnikov created this gun at the behest of the Soviet Military in response to the 5.56X54mm round fielded by the M-16. This was done to keep up with the Americans more than anything else, and Mister Kalashnikov himself opposed the new gun. The new bullet is standard military FMJ, but a hollow space in the tip enables the bullet to quickly tumble within two inches of penetration, resulting in horrible wounding. The weapon is as reliable than the
AK-47, substantially more accurate, lighter, and the ammunition doesn't weigh anywhere near as much. As far as cold war assault rifles go, this is about as close to god's own anti-son-of-a-bitch machine that you can get.
I don't own the AK-74 or the AK-47, or any gun for that matter. However, I've conversed with a lot of U.S.A.F. members and have found that the weapon is a brilliant combat arm and a worthy opponent to the AR-10 family.
by Cogitator May 25, 2010
Snowboarder: noun. A person who participates in the sport of snowboarding officially or unofficially.
Snowboarder: slang. Slang amongst skiers meaning: take cover.
Noun example: Shaun WHite = professional snowboarder. Valerire D = unprofessional snowboarder.
Slang example: *Hears rough whooshing sound from up the mountain*. "Snowboarder!" *moves to avoid collison.*
by Cogitator July 29, 2009
I am the only fifteen year of skier I know of, but my friends enjoy snowboarding.
by Cogitator August 14, 2008
A mixed bag of typically female sports figures who take a support role to mostly male sporting events.
Cheerleaders are a very mixed bag, becuase I didn't know my girlfriend was a varsity cheerleader until she told me, but another one looks at me like I am worthless scum that does not deserve aknowledgement.
by Cogitator July 29, 2008