High skills in the area of grasping objects. Oftentimes combined with the.
I got the snatches, dog.
by OpIvy420 January 17, 2004
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It is the black version of the verb "steal." If a mexican steals something, a black person snatches it.
Hey, R kelly's finna snatch dat money fo!!
by steve absher July 23, 2005
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When you fuck the shit out of your lady friend you grab her purse and run
While Billy was alone with Jill they experimented and during the process Billy snatched Jill
by Hootj7 August 21, 2011
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The art of grabbing a male of female's nipple without them noticing. Snatches can only be prevented by saying "No Snatches" which then grants immunity for 2 minutes.
*Dylan extends hand onto Brady's hard nipple*

Dylan: "Snatchesss"

*Christian screams from top of the lung*
Christan: "No Snatches!"
by Isnatches March 11, 2015
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