A slang term for vagina. Popular among the Michael Rosen community.
โ€œA girl invited me round the edge of the school and began to suck my wood, and I didn't put my hand up her snatch in case I said noice."
by This guy. October 18, 2015
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A dirty ass, stank, expired, rotten, spoiled, putrid pussy or vaginal area!!!
"Sticky, can u lick my pussy?" "Yes, I can if u duche. I don't deal wit fonky snatches or them lips wit itchy rashes!"
by BriBri2crazy February 01, 2007
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Sort of an inside-joke term for vagina.
Person 1: Hey, Can you slide me a bowl of snatch?

Person 2: You know snatch means vagina, right?
by jacobwizzle March 17, 2010
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High skills in the area of grasping objects. Oftentimes combined with the.
I got the snatches, dog.
by OpIvy420 January 17, 2004
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To Get The Boy/Girl You Want.
To Get A Girlfriend/Boyfriend.
Homeboy:Oh My Dawg Funna Santch
Josh: Damn Right Imma Snatch
by smartass2000 December 31, 2011
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