what you write if you can't spell
hi i'm 98gt and today i'm gonna revoew this ricer's pREFORMANCE
by _eurie July 2, 2018
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"preformance is passion not fashion"
the preformance of this vehicle makes it look like a pile of garbage.
by 98 gt September 1, 2006
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To suck ones dick on a certain sport, particularly a swim team
I really preformed my solo on my team captain
by Chedda1776 December 21, 2018
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When Bekah fucks up in groupme because she can’t spell anything
Ehh we are preformer” -Bekah
by mleonard36 March 21, 2018
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1) To Plan a rape beforetime of the actual rape

2) To Act upon a rape in a subtle startup
1) Person: Near the edge of this corridor, A girl will pop up and i will preform malice

2) My crush will pick up that pencil and then i will preform malice
by Truffly June 29, 2019
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Inference that the universe has existed forever.
Preformalism conjectures that the universe has existed for all time because infinity spins indefinitely-clockwise around infinity.

In contrast to preformatism which says space exists in uncountable-time (not ALL time).
by zanderfin April 7, 2020
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