1. An excellent film by Guy Ritchie, a sequel to his first filme Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels which protrays a diamond heist in London's gangland.
2. Another slang term for vagina.
Stan:"Who's got Snatch?"
Rachel: "I don't!"
by akwolf January 30, 2006
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1. Word for a girls vagina, preferable refering to a filthy one
2. Trap or rapid ensnairment device
3. Quick or fast steal
1. Yea, that bitch has a filthy snatch
2. The bear got caught in the snatch
3. Give it back you snatched it from me!
by Okey January 29, 2006
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"snatch"...aka.. vagina...aka..a long time ago.. men believed that the meaning of "stealing one's heart"...meant...to SNATCH their heart.....but.. back then.. they believed that the heart.. "the center of all love"... was.. between a lady's legs... so.. to STEAL ones heart... they would have to snatch it....HENCE.. the term "snatch" also refers to VAGINA.
Why doth Belinda nay happy? Methought that Mercutio snatch her heart all night long?
by Chinese Hussy the 3rd February 01, 2009
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a herd of multiple uteri; a plural amount of uterus in a pack; if a herd of lions is a pride, and a herd of wolves is a pack, then a herd of uteri are a snatch... A collective group of women, not necessarily a negative connotation...
Did you see the snatch of uteri that just walked into the bar?
by vanpirate January 16, 2009
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