An alternattive to calling someone a fucking bitch or a cunt
You took the last of the toilet paper, you fucking snatch!
by Danny R. June 03, 2005
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damn i met this girl at the club last night and we went back to my crib and i put it in her snatch !
by Twidles December 26, 2006
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A pearl-wearing, self help book reading, Polo shirt sporting southern bell that despises poor people, carries her purse on her wrist, gags at the sight of a Salvation army, finds utopia at Banana Republic, and gives her time to children's charities to make up for her evils.
We shopped at Old Navy while the snatch waited at Starbucks...she wouldn't be caught dead at an Old Navy!
by Nanna Gummy Bear November 16, 2011
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A skank ass skeeze who fails to realize that she is seen not as a girl but as a cum dumpster, face to glaze, and gaping cooter. Also, she posesses a rancid smelling vagina.
This "model" at Windsor High is such a snatch. All guys know shes just a grill to bust on.
by Doug Maher February 19, 2006
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A slang term for vagina. Popular among the Michael Rosen community.
“A girl invited me round the edge of the school and began to suck my wood, and I didn't put my hand up her snatch in case I said noice."
by This guy. October 18, 2015
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A dirty ass, stank, expired, rotten, spoiled, putrid pussy or vaginal area!!!
"Sticky, can u lick my pussy?" "Yes, I can if u duche. I don't deal wit fonky snatches or them lips wit itchy rashes!"
by BriBri2crazy February 01, 2007
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