My girl went crazy when I was eating her snatch.
by Wyckoff CVS February 26, 2019
Possibly the most visual of terms for a vagina.
Her snatch looked like a beartrap, and it felt like one too.
by CrescentFresh April 18, 2009
1. Noun - Slang term for the vagina
2. Verb - To steal (see "boost" or "jack")
3. Film - A 2000 crime film by British writer-director Guy Ritchie
4. Weightlifting - An Olympic weightlifting movement in which the weight is moved from the floor to a position over the head in one movement. Can be used as a noun or verb in this sense. There are variations, such as the hang snatch and the power snatch.
1. Your little sister has a really tight snatch.
2. I snatched a thousand-dollar necklace from this house on Fargo Street.
3. Snatch is a criminally-underrated movie.
4. Ivan can perform a 200 pound snatch very well.
by Aquabump 87 November 25, 2007
"I bet you anything, Regan has a dirty, smelly snatch."
"Yeah right, but I would never go near Cassidy's snatch--hers is probably worse--Cassidy barely bathes!"
by Babydoll75 March 6, 2019
I snatched the bag and ran. That girl has a big snatch.
by Malaya0669 March 20, 2018