Anyone other than a white guy.
Person 1: The dean says our campus needs diversity.
Person 2: Oh, you mean less white males?
by andrew parker March 31, 2008
An old, old wooden ship that was used during the civil war era to deliver large supplies of puréed walnuts from the South to the North. The walnuts were used as a replacement for toilet paper, due to the wartime shortage. Despite the volitile relationship between the two countries at the time, the North figured that it was more important to have a clean ass than to place an embargo on the South's nut shipments. The South figured,"Hell, we need the money".
There have been complaints from the authorities about a lack of diversity in the News Room.
by Mr. Incredible January 12, 2005
I could be wrong, but I believe its an old, old wooden ship that was used during the Civil War era.
Champ: What in the hell is diversity?
Ron: I could be wrong, but I believe its an old, old wooden ship that was used during the Civil War era.
by Frankdatank811 February 28, 2008
According to Wal-Mart it means appointing people based on sex and race without qualifications. This holds true only if the applicant is female and/or black.

Another word used for discrimination in todays culture.
We are promoting diversity in our company!

We are only looking for females and blacks.

Diversity means that a standard has been lowered
by Chauncee Irving January 6, 2005
The word "diversity” is often a subtle, insidious and racist term used to mask a condescending, self-serving ego trip amongst white people. When a white person says, “I want to move to a neighborhood where there is more diversity” or “I don’t like living in the suburbs. It’s not diverse enough,” one must examine the motivations behind those statements. When considering a place to live one must take numerous factors into account – safety, school quality, home values or rental prices, availability of services, parking, commuting distances, noise levels, etc. If you find a place that meets the above criteria and that neighborhood happens to be diverse – then so be it. NOT moving into that neighborhood because it contains people of differing races and creeds would be racist and intolerant. But making diversity the primary reason for moving into a neighborhood is a racist conceit. In this case the desire for “diversity” is an ego trip for said white person because their conscious or unconscious motivation is “Look at me! I’m so evolved and cool I can live with people of different races and cultures.” This attitude causes the gentrification of ethnic neighborhoods where poorer “diverse” people are forced out because they can no longer afford living there. If white people were to put their money where their mouths were they’d be moving into the Bronx in droves. But they’re not. They might be able to embrace racial differences – just not economic ones.
“I have to move to Brooklyn! They have cool coffee shops and the area is so full of diversity!”

Translation: "I have to move to Brooklyn. It’s full of gays and little brown people! I’ll look so cool!
by CynicalSuburbanite October 21, 2010
An old, old wooden ship from the civil war era.
brian fantana: what in the hell'z diversity?
ron burgundy: I could be wrong, but i believe that diversity is an old, old wooden ship from the civil war era.
by people know me February 27, 2005
(Cultural) Originally, diversity of ideas and viewpoints were recognized as important to many different endeavors such as learning and decision-making - the idea being that the over time the best ideas and/or viewpoints would win out in fair competition. Unfortunately, once this concept was generally embraced as a good thing, it was subsequently perverted and has become a euphemism for quota preferences given to politically favored minority groups in such areas as hiring, promotion, granting of federal contracts and admission into educational systems.
Genuine diversity would imply that someone from Greenland or New Zealand would be a welcome addition to increase the diversity of a university culture. Instead, administrators believe their university somehow becomes more diverse by adding one more black from down the road, increasing black % enrollment from 7.23% to 7.24%. Odd how administrators never seem to notice that blacks don't really contribute to diversity anyway since blacks usually restrict their company to that of other blacks in the student union, classroom, fraternity, university clubs, etc.
by FigurinOutLife September 22, 2005