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Smurt. A word used to describe someone who tries to act smart but actually sounds dumb. The U in smurt derives from the word "dumb".
"Wow Julia, you sound really smurt right now."
by caluso February 29, 2016
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Someone who is beyond smart and cannot be described.
That kid is hella smurt, I wish I could be like him.
by Smurt Smurf May 08, 2018
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Acr. Super Mega Ultra Respiratoty Therapist. One that sets the bar at such a high level only very few in the field could even be considered to achieve a high status
Damn Mike is a one bad ass SMURT. I wish I was like him
by SMURT #1 April 21, 2008
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To slap your partner around the face with your dangly bits whilst receiving fellatio.
I couldn't get wood so Kaycee let me smurt her until I was hard.
by murty murt August 23, 2006
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(Verb) A smile that is forced and false.

To cover complete hatred towards an individual with an obviously fake smile.

Usually accompanied by an immediate scowl.

i.e. smurting, smurted, smurtist
I made a bad joke on Kathy's expense. She turned to me with a smurt on her face.
by Friday January 18, 2005
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When someone does something thinking they are smart but in reality they are not. It has a distinct UR sound instead of the long R in smart. If pronounced carefully if is hard to distinguish from the actual. Similar to the military's respectful "sir" and disrespectful sur (like cur)
"Wow, that was really smurt using the generic transmission fluid." When the car is in the shop.
by Nemo70 December 10, 2016
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