word often mistaken as 'the rapist' by Sean Connery when playing celebrity jeopardy.
by Chase C June 1, 2005
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Someone who impersonates a therapist for personal gain.
People come to me with their problems thinking I'm a therapist, nah bitch I'm the rapist.
by OnMyMamaCuh2oh9 March 17, 2021
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A guy who can't help EVERYBODY...
Client-I eat people.
Therapist-How does that make you feel?
by Skelectory April 8, 2009
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That weird lady that sits there and pretends that she knows what's going on in my life
I have to visit my therapist.. what a poser
by Sambrown September 28, 2015
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Someone you go to when you have too much money and need to get rid of it.
I had 100$ laying around so I decided to go to a therapist and get yelled at for an hour.
by Zazzy&TheDankos January 6, 2018
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An undercover rapist, don't let them fool you.
The Rapist.
You don't want to visit the rapist.
by atiredloser July 13, 2021
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