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1. A delicious beverage including finely crushed ice, water and flavoured sugar syrup. Usually comes in Coke ("Froke" = frozen coke)or Raspberry flavour. Can be bought at service stations and cinemas.
2. Slut + Lush: A girl who drinks to excess, while being easy. Someone who is an easy drunk.
1. Mmm, this slushie goes down nice.
2. Mmm, this slushie goes down nice.
by beylix December 21, 2006
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The words Lush and Slut mixed
Lush = Alcoholic
Slut = likes sex
"Stop being such a slushie."
by Emma April 21, 2005
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SLuShiE wen a girl / woman one of the female persuasion..has vagina lips that overhang and clap together like a two bits of wet saggy smelly meat thundering off each other..and then there is definate cummage..:o
saoirse: *takes a puff* it's like wen i walk and im wearing slippers or sandals my pussy lips grindin wen i walk..and it feels kinda like a slushie ..
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Slushie is a nick name, not a drink. She's very hot and sexy. She is a great kisser and great in bed. She's very outgoing and funny. She loves dank memes and sometimes emo. She usually dates ugly guys, that's under her level.
Damn girl you're such a Slushie!
by gabetehhaxors October 23, 2016
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When you jizz in an ice tray, freeze it, then put it in some girls water.
Dude i just slushied in karens drink
by mistycox August 20, 2016
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