Gorgeous woman, very often found in the presence of a fuckwit.

When not accompanied by a fuckwit, yummies tend to flock together in bars, clubs or on beaches.

The collective noun for a group of yummies is a moist.
Jussus man, those yummies are dancing so close they're nearly clamjousting !
by Cutaway May 23, 2005
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A responding answer or call out to something that is to be desired: such as a person, place, food, or thing.
Q: Lets take the rest of the week off and go to Cancun for a stint...sound yummy.

A: Absolutely...yum yum!

Yum Yum take a look at him, he is living walking proof that God shows off...yummy!

Yummy...you have to see this...Man take a look at his tie...yum yum!

Look at all of this good organic food, Yummy just imagine mix'n a lil of this and a lil of that yum yum!
by Jane Nazrat September 21, 2009
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William Ragan.
Also known as yums, yummify, yum yums.
This is a man who is highly delicious.
He is known to have erections while around men.
Very tasty.
Enjoys texting his mother while playing basketball games.
At social events, likes to sit in the corner with his iPhone and scroll through the instagram home page while quietly chuckling to himself and shrugging his shoulders in laughter.
Yummy, I want to suck your nuts.
Give me your virginity, Yummy.
by HarryHairball October 23, 2018
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1 Something that looks, smells, or tastes delicious.

2 Someone who is sexy, hot, easy on the eyes.
1 I walked into the room and sniffed the yummy smell that came from the oven.

2 "God, Spencer is so yummy, I could just eat him all up... I want him, but that bitch Lucy has him! Grrr!"
by Lillisaurus November 08, 2009
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