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One that continuously gets drunk while annoying all those around and occasionally breaking something, eventually leading to legal issues for themselves and friends.
Look at that drunkard, she's a total slop-tart tonight with all the endless rambles and fumbling arounds.
by aladiesman August 24, 2008
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Slop tart is a classic term for a girl who is just a flat out train wreck.

Characteristics of a slop tart include one or more of the following: muffin tops, bleach-blond hair, fat tits, fake UGGs, grimy teeth, beef curtains, tramp stamps, orange skin, heavy makeup and herpes.

This is not a girl you take out on a date, sleep with or even show remote interest in. She simply exists so you and your friends can ridicule her endlessly til she decides to find her dignity and change her repulsive ways.
Man 1: You see that girl over there?

Man 2: Yeah, what about her?

Man 1: She used to be hot, but after I dumped her she turned into a total slop tart.

Man 2: Damn, dude!
by Gambo1984 February 10, 2011
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a dumb slut that is so drunk that she acts like she is retarded
At first i wanted to get with holly at the party, but she was being a total sloptart.
by Drew Tipsy September 02, 2007
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the act of getting extremely intoxicated to the point where "sloppy" is surpassed, making bad decisions is inevitable, and waking up not remembering anything becomes routine
Tonight we're dancing to Ke$ha and getting sloptarts!!!
by JNizz November 23, 2010
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Someone whose cherry done left the station and has been gifted a magical venereal disease that causes "it" to crust over.
Omfg Jenny's a slop tart. Her vag is dribbling and I cant stop vomiting
by Peven glugh December 31, 2013
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