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describes something that is so bad that you don't want to keep watching or following but you just can't look away from it.
Zoe: "That show is like a train wreck, I can't stop watching!"
by sexii mama :D October 18, 2010
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a total fucking disaster ...the kind that makes you want to shake your head.
The people at the party were so was a train wreck.
by 4 June 14, 2004
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What the whole world is currently experiencing for 366 days straight.
This year is a trainwreck. It certainly aged like milk.
by Pialinist July 05, 2020
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A person or situation that can't escape an inevitable bad outcome; hence, a trainwreck.
"The woman can't ever get a good man, a good job, or education. Her life sucks. She is a trainwreck!"
by fabokroert January 15, 2008
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A disaster that is foreseeable but unavoidable,
disastrous yet inevitable,
distasteful, but morbidly fascinating.
You don't want to stare,
but you just can't look away.
Wow look at her, she's a hot as trainwreck
by Trainwreck/ August 13, 2008
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A name used to describe a clumsy, dangerous person. This person will damage things and hurt people(on accident or on purpose). They also take things too far. Rumors are also spreading about a trainwreck virus that causes these symptoms.
Miles is such a trainwreck!
by Scott Mckown February 06, 2008
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