describes something that is so bad that you don't want to keep watching or following but you just can't look away from it.
Zoe: "That show is like a train wreck, I can't stop watching!"
by sexii mama :D October 18, 2010
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a total fucking disaster ...the kind that makes you want to shake your head.
The people at the party were so was a train wreck.
by 4 June 15, 2004
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it's just means a mess... if a train wrecks it makes a huge mess...a disaster...
1.)i am what i am what i am what i am a train wreck

2.)i smoke. a train wreck i am. . .
by Naughty . Dotty . September 12, 2009
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A sudden and disastrous halt in the music 'set' played by a DJ. Often associated with the music styles of House and Techno where a set can last for an hour or longer. This calamity results in the loss of rhythm and ‘flow’ in a club or rave, which in turn presents a certain negative attitude by the attendees toward the DJ. This is best defined as ‘boo’. This condition often throws the DJ into an extreme state of apprehension and a fevered determination to save his cred usually resulting in an increased chance of causing another train wreck. Technical problems associated with equipment do not qualify under this definition. Derived from the visual image of a train, traveling at high speed, smashing into an brick wall.
I was at the club last night at this fucking newb train wrecked in the middle of the night. The entire place just froze. I know he ain’t getting a second chance.
by C. Anderson September 30, 2007
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1. a person who has many medical/mental problems and is in failing condition

2. any difficult or disastrous situation
Boy, He was turning out to be a train wreck.
by The Return of Light Joker June 14, 2009
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train wreck is a type of weed
listen to any e-40 or bay area rapper song
by thizzle washington January 17, 2004
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A way to describe how one can't look away from something that is appalling or disgusting, due to it's bizarre or unusual nature.
My God... Did you see the video of that fat lady on a treadmill? What a train wreck. I couldn't look away.
by Duffman1 May 3, 2007
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