to give head or to perform oral sex on a man
"The surgeon general says wear a condom
But you can catch AIDS nowadays from slobbin'" -2 Live Crew
by Young Wiz Kid the Khalif October 10, 2013
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lay around, in bed usually, don't even get out of bed when visitors come, constantly checking your iPhone and doing stupid Buzzfeed quiz's..
I went to see my mate Nicole and she was just 'slobbin it'
by Mason Noir May 29, 2014
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When Someone is being lazy
Sara Stop slobbin on my Minecraft server
by Zeroth January 24, 2019
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Huge tits that are large, but too big to be considered attractive.
randy:"dude that chick has huge tits"
brad:"yea, too bad they're slobbin knockers though."
by peanutbuttermansux June 23, 2016
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The official term for when you are having sex with a fat girl from the country.
"Yo, where's my boy Kermit at tonight?"
"Oh, that lil' green dude is out hog slobbin' tonight with Piggy, yo."
by Dat Blessed Dude February 4, 2016
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Someone that just loves to slob the knob. Loves to suck dick and gobble the goo. Can’t get enough. Always got a mouthful.
by Eaton Holgoode November 28, 2018
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1. Another name for Red Robin

2. Getting under the table dome at Red Robin

3. Receiving dome until your member turns red
1. Hey man lets go to Red Slobbin

2. Are you gonna give me a Red Slobbin at Red Slobbin

3. Dude you gave me a Red Slobbin!
by dbyrd342 October 22, 2022
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