"Don't even." is one of those sayings that you use when you're just -really- not in the mood, and basically it's telling someone that. No. Not really. It's actually more like: "Fuck off plz (:" But in a more.. polite way. It also can be short for: Don't even think about it.
"Haha. You remember that one time with Zach?"
"..Don't even."
by Anna December 1, 2003
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The lack of ability to comprehend, understand, or perform a certain subject or action.
"Bro, you seem totally out of it today."
"I just don't even."
by athenswill October 14, 2014
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One may use the term don't even when they are trying to withstand some type of temptation.
"Hey you want to come back to my place? I have a hot tub"
"Don't even, (insert name here), don't even"
by AshleyP December 8, 2005
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exclamation, contraction of "don't even think about it", uttered during copulation with a frigid female that has just felt your cock brush her anus. A signal that you did not buy her enough alcohol prior to engaging in the sex act.
Oh yeah honey! How about some of this?
Don't even....!
Damn.... hey you want a break? I make a mean vodka-lemonade.
by moofmonkey December 2, 2003
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When something is so surprisingly stupid, you can't even fathom a way to react.
by sir3n March 18, 2011
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Don't Even Trip - Not concerning yourself with an issue , especially when you did everything to could to keep it real with a person.

When you come to the point when you're through putting up with someone's BS, and just telling them what's really what.
P.C. told AD, "Don't even trip about your ex, I got your back."
by Sir Rey October 16, 2007
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