Used in sarcasm to insinuate STUPIDITY. To describe a very stupid move, a really dumb person, an idiot, a foolish person, not very smart, slow-minded, slow-witted, a moron, a dumb-pass, stupid, opposite of smart, an embarrassment, not wise, not very sharp, a negative way to describe someone, low intelligence, slang for stupid, not good.
A Cop might say, "How was any of this a good idea, SLICK!?" to a really stupid criminal. Or, you might say to your friend who just locked himself out of his own car, "Good move, SLICK!"
by BeckaBuck November 12, 2018
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A Swiss gay boi who likes fat cock up his ass.
Oh you're from Switzerland ? I hope you're not a slick.
by Supbitch71 July 26, 2019
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you wanna look slick, smell slick and be slick.
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by slickwiz7 June 05, 2018
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another word for deadass , foreal or ode
Johnny: Nevaeh slick likes me
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by slimee4kt September 27, 2019
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When you get out trick a lot lizard and have her/him make you pay you money just to pay another lot lizard.
Slick, that lot lizard if not Iโ€™ll poukish you!!
by Nebula53 July 21, 2020
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