That package of papers teachers and professors hand out to students on the first day of class that explains course expectations, weekly schedule, grading policies, and a basic summary of class topics. The syllabus is used in high schools, colleges, and universities around the world as a way to show consistency of the learned material.
Ross: Ok, students here is your syllabus for the next 18 weeks. You have 3 exams, 2 papers, and one homework assignment each week.
Students: (whispering) I heard rumors that this dude is totally easy. Paleontology is easy because of this guy.
by Syllabus654321 April 22, 2009
a giant fucking packet of papers containing an outrageous quantity of material that is to be learned within two days before a comprehensive final exam in a medical school endocrinology course.
Scott: "Hey Jack, did you read the syllabus for today's lectures yet?"

Jack: "Yea, I started, but I only made it 1/100th of the way through before I hemorrhaged out of my ears because it's such a fucking behemoth of material."
by disgruntled34 March 24, 2010
From Greek, <i>to take together</i>

Plural: syllabontes. NOT syllabi. There exists NO Latin word syllabus, syllabi; nor even Greek syllabos, syllábou. Only Greek syllabos, syllabontos.
I xeroxed the syllabus for the Talmud course, and gave it to my male friend; I would have given him the syllabontes of the other courses, as well, but he already had them.
by Classicist and Talmudist January 19, 2005
a hot peec uf a$$
chelsei iz a Syllabus
by Laspwora September 9, 2012
A Syllabus that is created by balicki for the use of her history class that is utterly pointless and shitty. It is also used as a shrine for some students for her diet coke obsession
The balicki Syllabus is being fucking autistic again.

Have you been on the balicki Syllabus lately?
by Abby'skylar August 23, 2018
When a college class is moving quickly and you are still recovering from looking at the syllabus and it looks like an immense amount of work.
Oh man I cannot even focus, I am still in syllabus shock.
by Tre Stewart February 3, 2009
the first week of class, when syllabi are passed out... a basic waste of time.
you going to class?
nah, it's syllabus week... I'll just get the notes online
by CB0717 August 21, 2007