1. A person who is writing a very angry letter.

2. A person who is writing a letter a about recently terrible performance of a song.
1. God, I just hate being the messanger of bad news!

2. John may be a terrible singer, but at least he's willing to be his own messanger. If only Fall Out Boy would follow in his footsteps.
by Scambl June 20, 2008
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The wrong way to spell MSN Messenger.
Often used by idiots.
"OMG!!! Im cummin on msn messanger in a sec!!!1"
by Hayley Hogsworth December 10, 2005
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the most kik ass instant messenger IN UR FACE AOL!!!!!
-dude, MSN sux ass
(loud bang)
by Chet and Josh November 6, 2004
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: ( | ) = monkey
: @ ) = pig
- o < = clappy smiley
* * = = = us flag
( % ) = ying yang sign
you put all the letters together in each of them
by kiss my fucking ass March 31, 2004
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