These definitions do not fully capture the definition of slick. Slick is about having street smarts. About being able to come up smelling like a rose in any situation.

It is not just about being "perfect in manner", but about having the ability to see into people and situations and adjust accordingly. People who are slick are great bullshitters. They know how to turn all situations to their favor through manipulation. They know how to read all people and take advantage. They can adjust in any encounter for their benefit - no matter what. And while they do have "perfect answers for virtually every question", those who are truly slick will be able to manipulate modt social interactions to their purpose without the other people involved knowing.
That dude thought he was slick, trying to get me on that tired ass scam. Saw right through his fake ass!

Man, John came in angry as a muthafucka about that deal. Rightfully so! He didn't know I was slick though - took his money and we friends now! Haha!
by texas7 June 9, 2017
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One who thinks they can get away with something
"Bitch thought she was slick I caught her fat ass eating them cookies"

Person A: Did you sleep with PAM?!

Person B: No I wouldn't do that to you!

Person B: And why the hell would I sleep with someone named PAM?!

Person A: Liar, I was in the closet recording yo ain't slick...

Person B: Then why did you even ask?
by MissAnonymousXoXo July 2, 2017
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Anticipating our date has me feeling slick.
by SerenaBlackCat August 14, 2017
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Southern (Memphis) slang word. It is used as a descriptor adjective from "kinda, sorta, a little bit" to "very much, really"--Depends on context
"Hey, let's go to Burger King"
"I slick hate that spot, mane. How 'bout Taco Bell?"

"Hey how long you been dating Chuck?"
"About a year; we slick in love!"
by rtsoka April 30, 2010
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a. smooth, cool, seemingly effortless

b.can be used in sarcasm
a. Admirer: that was so slick!

b. onlooker: slick. You just fell on your face.
by ThisIsnotIronic July 23, 2008
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1. Kind of, sort of, a little bit
2. Sly, sneaky, clever, easy, smooth
1. Do we slick look related?
2. "Let's go chill somewhere just us" "You aren't slick"
by weirdhorsegirl December 28, 2017
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