1. Something men promise to be roughly 9 months before the baby is born.
'hey billy, be careful''
by thesarcasmguy January 4, 2016
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Long lasting care. Deep care. Sincere and genuine.
Do you have deep care for me like I do for you?
by Infinity and Beyond® January 14, 2022
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"Take Care" can be used casually out of kindness.

"Take Care of Yourself" - on the other hand - carries more meanings than just purely kindness.

Say it in a firm tone, it usually means the person is dissatisfied with the way you currently treat yourself.

However...when saying it in a gentle voice, it's an indication of deep care and full of fondness...

It means "please eat well, sleep well, focus. Take care of your mental health and physical body...Take care of yourself because I do care."
Girl: See you soon!
Guy: Take care of yourself. See you on 10/14
Girl: It's so sweet of you... considering it comes from a guy. Take care of yourself, too..
Guy: *silent* (because I care..)
by JVeverMind January 1, 2022
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To express no care in the slightest in what the person is saying and/or doing.
Danny: i put the hor in horse ....
Andy: /care
by AndyManoooo January 29, 2008
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Hey, did you hear Obama care is running for president again in 2020?
by Left_Nut69 October 29, 2019
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