excessive complaining without a specific reason and without the will to change something.
if the actual reason will be refuted, a new random reason will be immediately invented.
presupposes the loser mindset that nothing can be done to change the situation in positive.

- enjoyment of being angry
she is bitching because unhappy of her life
by pluriverse June 12, 2015
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Repeatedly saying something over and over, or rather whining about it, therefore destroying the point you were trying to make and making you look like a complete bitch because no one is listening to you.
Stop your bitching about "rap is crap."
by TenInchPlaya September 15, 2006
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1.Complaining about sometime

2.Insulting someone repeatedly to make them feel bad, or to make you feel better. Ot both.
1. Stop bitching like this!

2. Ashley was non-stop bitching on Allie yesterday night! I wonder why?
by Pavlova January 20, 2004
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noun. An insulting term for people who attempt to share negative feelings and/or complain. Can be misused greatly.
Example of use in a sentence:
"That doesn't make any sense!"
"Quit bitching."

Example of occurrence:
"I am really tired and don't want to do this!" (50th time said this)
by Empathetic October 25, 2011
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When a person doesn't want help with a problem, but must tell you about it at length, since usually the litany comes from the female of the species, it's called bitching.

Unfortunately, the male of the species doesn't seem to understand this, so he will use other terms for it like nagging, complaining, octal rectalitis, fault-finding, caviling, when it is simply bitching.
She's been bitching all week about the kids, her mother, me, and the PTA!
by Don Howard January 7, 2008
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"Man, this we're having a bitching time"
by geo November 19, 2002
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