When someone has a sense of, or knows how to handle themselves in a rough neighbourhood or ghetto. People can be street smart regardless of their style. It usualy depends on where or how they were raised. It also can mean how well someone can handle themselves in an unfamiliar neighbourhood or city streets.
Christos the greek wasn't a thug but he was raised in a ghetto neighbourhood and was street wise. He had no problem walking through a rough neighbourhood at night.
On the other hand Steve the wigger considered himself a thug but was raised in a fairly rich, high class neighbourhood. He wasn't street wise and when he needed to walk through the projects he was so afraid he almost shit his pants and took a cab home instead.
by phill July 9, 2004
I became street wise while hitchhiking the US after graduating from college in the late '70's. Learned plenty from people I met, and here's my resulting definition:

Street wise people are aware of their surroundings and nearby people, sense and avoid walking in places of high risk, and proceed out of them with a confident stride.
Being street wise, Mike notices risky areas by tip offs such as use of razor wire, cameras, and graffiti. He avoids walking too close to hiding places alongside buildings or other areas when in marginal or dangerous areas.
by tekim February 6, 2017
A street wise professor is like an O.G. but still on the streets doing what they have done for years. They are usually punks who have been around the scene to damn long. So they end up teaching the younger generations how and why they do what they do.
Any time I am stuck in a town on business I find the street wise professor to let me know whats up.
by Cheez (ED) October 19, 2006
Street smart,

Street wise,

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Now the ice on my wrist so bright I can see God.
"Click the link in my bio"
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a fork..."street smart, street wise. Haters couldn't see me

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