The word spoken aloud as you run your index finger across the teeth of an unsuspecting victim
"Slllllllllicckkkkkk" *runs away and shuts mouth to avoid being "slicked" in return
by Punan-er October 20, 2003
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a)"Haha, I have slick scrapes on my arm!"

b)"Dude, he hurt his arm slick!"
by ---- June 04, 2004
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Slick is a derogatory term for a pretentious or conceited female, whose self-esteem rests more in academic accomplishments than in beauty.
This is not to say that slicks are homely or ugly, although many might be described as being “plain Janes."
Cerebral, mouthy, and judgmental; often holding theorem over substance, most slicks lack real-world experience and are therefore not very “street wise.” Unlike bitches, the majority of slicks are somewhat shy and idealistic, but this is not absolute.

A typical example of a slick would be Meg, from the cartoon Family Guy.
by Hellooo, Tom March 26, 2007
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microsoft employees having krispy kreme donuts on a friday night.
Xbox Kid and Windows Kid were being slick today.
by microsoft kid October 17, 2003
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to format and reinstall the operating system on a computer
I had to slick my box because of bad superblocks.
by SupraX January 26, 2005
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“Yo, Park Jimin think he so slick.”
“Yeah, always biting his lips like no ones watching”
via giphy
by Mickinie September 08, 2020
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